How to shoot and blow up a Grandmaster’s cypress bottle.
Spin and Blast at fun88 is the most popular game. What is a bomb hat? If you want to know how to spin and blow the pot to hit the jackpot like today’s players bet? Don’t miss this article.
Online gambling enthusiasts have long been fond of Exploding Jars. Because the rules of the game are quite simple. the picture is bright While the amount of bonuses that can be received is very high. Your chances of winning are at your fingertips.
What is a bottle bomb game?
Spinning Tiger is actually a slot game (slot game). Win by spinning slots. is easy to understand that is a magic hat game All you have to do is place a bet. Spin and win if the symbol appears in the correct position to score.

However, the game grenades have another feature to raise the rewards to a very high level. which is the bonus fund (or regular jar) Before starting, you must deposit a certain amount of money into the bonus group. which will be filled after each spin as part of the stake will be added to the full amount. And when will the jar explode? That’s when the bonus fund is full when you hit it.
That said, you don’t always get the winning spins. but from turning when the jar is not full You can get many other rewards not equal to bonus funds. but it is already very high

Why should you play Bottle Blast?
Bottle bomb games currently have the largest number of players in slot games for the following reasons:

The rules of the game are simple. But the rewards are enormous.
You can still play anytime and anywhere with light capacity. Easy to download to play on your tablet or phone.
Lastly, the bottle bomb game interface is very eye-catching and dynamic. So you don’t just get rewards. but also experience a wonderful time of entertainment.
How to calculate the most probable hit and explosion of the jar
In fact, many players think of exploding a jar as a game of chance. but for those who have played for a long time Spinning the jar can make a lot of money if they know how to calculate the gameplay.

Firstly, if you are interested in calculating your chances of winning. You won’t want to use the function. “Auto spin” in the game for sure. This function encourages players to go hands-free while still participating in the game. But to win easily and not lose capital. You should not use it

Secondly, according to the experience of the players spinning and exploding. The line with the explosion rate is 1,2,3,4,5,7,19,20 Therefore, players should not abandon these lines. Especially at line 20, there is a high probability of blowing up a jar.

Set speed and time to spin and explode to hit.
Statistically, the moment that is most likely to explode is when the number of people participating in this slot game is the highest. This time will differ depending on the type of game. Therefore, you have to regularly participate in the game and pay attention to the history of the time when the jar exploded to come to a conclusion.

In addition, rotation speed is a key factor in determining victory or defeat. You have to strike a balance between how fast you play, when you’re slow, and decide on the right funds. Usually when you are just starting You should shoot at low speed and then faster. A jar explosion will occur when you spin enough. So when you spin at the right speed at the right time. You will release large funds for bonuses when the jar explodes.

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